Back linking

Building back links essential part of SEO. Ever since users to switch to Google the number and quality of back links pointing to your website has become critical.

In numerous tests where websites only merit was extensive content, the website failed rank highly in Google’s index. The reason for this was that links pointing to a page pointing to a website form the basis of Google algorithmic testing.

If you speak to any SEO agency you will hear words like link profile matching, inbound links, links on theme, and domains with high DA. It is a minefield the technical language that already means that the back link from the authority on your subject is worth its weight in gold.

Building back links manually frustrating time consuming experience. There is a wealth of software which is automated the task of guest blog posting in an effort to simplify the process. However the blog owners themselves simply tag these posts as spam. To build links manually is to identify websites that will take your backlink. This is normally in the form of the blog with the name of the user links to a domain. Once again you are at the mercy of the blog owner who may or may not choose to post your comment.

We receive approximately hundred emails a day asking to exchange backlinks. These invariably come from India and is not something that I can imagine is particularly effective.

So what choice of the company owner who needs back links to this website?

Well here VCM we have created an entire network of websites, all individually hosted, constantly updated and available take your backlink. We have over 700 themes to choose from and a wealth of domain metrics data ranging from DA 10 to DA 70.

The entire network consists of website invariably make their income from advertising revenue and have agreed  to accept links from non adult or gaming website. They have signed a contract with VCM that states that all links added must be kept alive 12 month at a minimum and should this link be removed for this back link to be replaced on the same or additional website with the same domain metrics.

We offer peace of mind, extremely effective back linking and a solution to agencies and business website owners who are looking to climb onto the first page of Google.