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With content being written for so many different purposes, it’s important to utilise the strengths of each. Creating a content strategy is imminent in attracting visitors, improving search traffic and gaining additional links.

Examples of possible content:

Blog Posts – are designed to engage readers and therefore attract links in the effort to make others interact with your site. Writing an article is simply not enough; identifying blog topics and trends allows your brand to be seen as a market leader.

Resources – blog posts are simply insufficient, creating quality resources helps establish your site as an authoritative source. In doing this your site/brand attracts both links and a loyal base of readers and users.

Linkbait – content specifically designed to bring links to your site. We can build a custom linkbait strategy designed to target specific readers utilising competitions, tools, entertainment and interaction.

Content – we can help with optimising current content along with new content creation. Both approaches can better your ranking for competitive keyword groups.

Press Releases – we assist in maximising the visibility and return from every press release distributed. An optimised press release is an extremely effective marketing tool in providing traffic, interest and brand awareness.

User Generated Content – optimised product copy is an area many ecommerce websites fall down. We can create content around secondary phrases for the product and category pages to help bring relevant long-tail traffic and sales to the site

Widgets – Although these tend to fall into link building we can use these as part of an on page and off page strategy allowing authoritative industry sites to link back.

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