Facebook sees decline in monthly user growth ::

Facebook has experienced a second drop in users in a few regions, mainly in USA and Canada but also in a few European countries (including the UK).

According to the report by Inside Facebook (12 June) the social network is continuing to grow with approximately 687 million monthly active users. Although new users are late adopters from countries such as India, Philippines and Indonesia.

The most significant decrease was in the US where numbers fell from 155.2 million to 149.4 million in May. Canada also fell by 1.52 million along with the UK, Norway and Russia dropping by over 100,000.

Users have criticised Facebook over several features which infringe on their privacy. In particular, last week’s attempt to roll out facial recognition software which the company claim is designed to help with photo tagging.

Inside Facebook do state that these figures do not yet reflect a trend in users moving away from Facebook but rather a slowdown in growth should it fail to break into countries such as China.

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