Microsoft’s (Bing) Streetside the Google Streetview Rival ::

Microsoft is launching a street level mapping system called Streetside to compete with Google’s Streetview. The service is already available in 59 US towns and cities and provides real photographs similar to that of Google’s Streetview using Navteq Cars. Next month however the imagery collection will push out into Europe with image collection from Germany, France and Spain. Details can be found here.

StreetSide 300x183 Microsoft’s (Bing) Streetside the Google Streetview Rival

It seems Google will still have the advantage as Microsoft are only looking to cover cities.

“We’re not setting out to record every street. We believe it is most valuable in urban centres where people want to find services,” Dave Coplin Director of Search at Bing (source BBC).

Wifi data will also be collected however it would collect the “bare minimum”.

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